New website coming soon!

Business has been good since the start of Cook Multimedia. Good enough to keep me from getting my own website done! In the near future, will showcase everything that we can do for you.

For now, if you have questions, would like to see samples or would like a quote, please send an email to

Thanks for visiting and talk to you soon!

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Time for a new theme.

The theme I was using was not very user-friendly, in my opinion, so it’s time for a new one. Thematic, which is now active, is a fantastic base theme which will serve well as a basis for a custom design.

When will the custom design happen? When I get around to it, whenever that is.

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Wireless router and Vonage issues

A few weeks ago I bought a new wireless router. Every internet device in my home is wireless, except for one: the Vonage router. Initially the devices were connected from the cable modem to the new wireless router then to the Vonage router. All was working but I was receiving IP conflict alerts in both my computers.

Then the major problem happened, and it took until today to figure it out. For the last couple weeks, every time I made a phone call my wireless connection would fail.

I searched online for answers and found nothing. I ended up switching the order of the devices to go from the modem to the Vonage router and then finally into the wireless router. That worked for about week. Yesterday the problem of lost wireless connection when on the phone returned.

After time spent on the phone with both Vonage and Trendnet the problem was pinpointed and solved.

The problem wasn’t a conflict between the router and Vonage router. It was between the router and the cordless phone that was connected to the router.

It turns out that both the phone and the wireless router have the same 2.4ghz signal and since the phone base and wireless router are near each other, I was having problems with them both using the same channel.

If you have this problem the solution is to log into your router admin, turn off the auto channel select option and pick a different channel. Save the changes and test it.

I hope this helps anyone with the same problems I had.

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Announcing Cook Multimedia!

After much thinking, discussion, sleepless nights and soul-searching, I proudly announce the launch of Cook Multimedia!

With the belief that a good designer need not limit oneself to just one creative outlet, Cook Multimedia has aligned itself with strategic partners to provide every kind of design service or product imaginable. So whether you need a logo, web presence, business cards and brochures, window or vehicle vinyl graphics, custom decorated apparel or anything else, Cook Multimedia is at your service.

In the coming weeks you’ll see this website undergo a transformation into something befitting a professional design studio. For now though, it channels the saying, “A cobbler’s kid has no shoes.”

I invite you to contact me for all your design needs. You can email me anytime at

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How cool is the iPhone?

This post is being added from my new Apple iPhone 3GS using the free WordPress app. Let’s now try to add a photo.

Yes, there we have it. Technology has come so far.

Happy new year!

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My wife and I just got new Apple iPhones yesterday, the 8GB 3G and 16GB 3GS, respectively. Ooooooh and ahhhhhh.

So far we’ve tried a few apps, including

Yahoo Messenger
Textfree Lite

I’ve downloaded a few others but have yet to try. What a slick piece of hardware.

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SanDisk Micro 8GB flash drives are waterproof

You heard it here first. About one month ago I bought a SanDisk Micro 8GB Flash Drive. I opened it, then stuck it in my pocket to go to work. I worked all day, then came home. Usually at this point, I empty out my pockets, but for some reason, I did not. I proceeded to change clothes, and my jeans ended up in the wash – and so did my brand new never used flash drive.

The next evening, my lovely bride handed me one very wet flash drive. My flash drive ended up in the wash, spin cycle and all. I was rather bummed out, because, while I love it when my wifey does the laundry, I just washed $20+ worth of storage. Yeah, it was only $20, but still. I never even got to use it!

Then I had a thought, that maybe, since there were no moving parts, the drive would still work if it dried out. There was nothing to lose at this point, so I put it on the shelf and forgot about it for a month.

Fast forward to last night. I had some files to transfer and figured now was a good time to try it out. I plugged the drive into my USB hub…. the light came on, and the icon showed up on my wonderful iMac desktop. Hmmm… this is promising. Double clicked and sure enough, the window opened showing me the default structure. I copied 400mb worth of files to it, and while kinda slow, the files copied!

This morning, I went to work, and right away I plugged in the drive, and copied the files to my work system. Not a single problem, everything copied over perfectly. I find it amazing that a small little piece of computer equipment can be put through a cycle of laundry,  including soap and spin cycle, and given sufficient time to dry, it still works. Kudos to SanDisk.

I use their Ultra II memory cards too for my digital camera. I also have a 512MB flash drive too, and that’s never let me down either. I’ll continue to buy SanDisk products whenever I need them. What a great product.

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Move to new server complete!

The move to new hosting is complete! Everything should be as it was, only better.

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Specialty Sauces, Etc new site launch

It’s been a long time coming, but Specialty Sauces, Etc. version 2.0 is now live! I always liked how version 1 looked, but Smitty wanted e-commerce. Enter Magento.

Go there and buy some stuff! Smitty has an excellent variety of hot sauces, fantastic salsa and other goodies. My personal favorites are the salsa and the chipotle table sauce.

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3D Animation

My good buddy Ben is working with Blender, and open source 3D animation program. I haven’t done any 3D since school – 8 years ago! I found my projects though, and here they are. These were all done in 3D Studio Max 2.5 on my old PC – P2 266Mhz 128MB Ram, 8MB video card. It was a pretty good system back in the day, but rendering the animations took an eternity.

First up was to design a room.
No animation, just a single frame. This one is neat for me because that’s actually my painting on the wall. My taste in decorating has vastly improved though! I think if I had to live in a room that looked like this I’d vomit. I know for sure my wife would!

Then came the animations.

Animating a cylinder:

Next up – a countdown from 10 to 1.

Hockey School – my young nephew (6 or 7  at the time) lived in Phoenix and was a huge hockey fan.

The Bowler – my dad retired from IDOT in 2000, and has bowled on Monday nights, well, forever. I did this video as a congatulations type thing.

Thinking back, I really struggled with 3D. It was never my strong suit in school and I was never as good at it as I wanted to be. However, this was a fun trip down memory lane. Thanks for making me think about it Ben!

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